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Women in Business

The role of women in business is explored in a series of pictures dealing with: "The Glass Ceiling"; Women's representation on the boards of companies; Female FTSE Report 2003. Some of these images use humour as a means of conveying a serious message.


The Glass Ceiling

There is a perception by certain people that in the business world women are prevented from reaching merited positions of authority and leadership within corporate organisations, solely by virtue of their sex.This impediment is often referred to as a "Glass Ceiling" or an inperceptible blockage to advancement. Some of theseillustrations use humour while others focus on metaphor.

Women and Board Representation

On 5 May 2005, the Financial Times quoted a Deloitte's survey which found that the number of women on boards of FTSE 350 companies had not risen during the past few years.Only 3% of executive directors and 8% of non-executives at longer established FTSE 350 companies were women.

This suite of graphics addresses the issue of women on the boards of companies and their lack of access to senior positions in companies. Some of these pictures use humour while others focus on relevant metaphors.