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EU Directives


"Transparency Directive"

In November 2003 the EU Commission abandoned its proposal to make quarterly profit and loss financial statements mandatory for 6,000 Listed Companies in the EU. Instead the Council of Ministers agreed that groups will have to provide quarterly information on "material events", mergers and closures and debt and equity issues. These measures are generally referred to as the "transparency directive"Our suite of graphics entitled "transparency directive ” provides images of this development..

Transparency Directive image

Transparency Directive image


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Freedom of Services and Goods

One of the four Freedoms of the EU is the freedom to provide services in other EU countries, once a company is established and regulated in its home state. Another of the four Freedoms of the EU is the freedom to move goods from one state to another. Our graphics are a humorous representation of the rules and regulations of the EU that appear to conflict with these "Freedoms".

freedom of services image


free movement of goods image


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EU Single Market in Services

The EU Commission published proposals in January 2004 setting out a draft framework directive for the creation of a free market in services in the EU by 2010 .

(Additional graphics on this subject are under construction)

freedom of services image


freedom of services image