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Whats New? -Recent Business Issues


Market Timing Scandal-Investment Management

The recent market timing scandal affectingsome of the

UK- Penrose Report into Equitable life

Lord Penrose published his findings into the conduct of Equitable Life in March 2004. His report will have a major impact into the regulation of the Insurance sector in the UK in coming years.

This suite of graphics examines and depicts the major issues arising in his report (under construction)

UK -Legal Disciplinary Practices (LDPs)

Sir David Clementi, head of a UK Government- commissioned review of legal services, unveiled a consultation paper in March 2004, outlining options for a new regulatory structure and ways to liberalise the strict ownership rules governing law firms.

This suite of graphics (under construction)depict issues highlighted by David Clementi's Consultation Paper.

Regulation of Auditors