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Images: Business Regulation


Legal Disciplinary Practices

Lord Falconer, the UK Lord Chancellor,announced on 21 March 2005 plans to give consumer greater choice in legal services. The Financial Times reported that he will go further than Sir David Clementii and propose that a new legal regulator be given tough new powers and leaving the door open to "multi-disciplinary practices" which will allow lawyers link up with other professions like accountants.

Sir David Clementi, head of a UK Government- commissioned review of legal services, unveiled a consultation paper in March 2004, outlining options for a new regulatory structure and ways to liberalise the strict ownership rules governing law firms. These images depict the proposed abolition of the rules which separate solicitors and barristers from practicing within the one firm, highlighted by David Clementi's Consultation Paper.



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Corporate Scandals

Recent corporate scandals (Enron in the US, Parmalat in Italy,Split Capital Trusts, in the UK) are forcing business regulators around the world to introduce new regulations on corporate governance, auditors and financial reporting.These graphics depict corporate scandal.

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Public Private Partnerships

Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) are partnerships between the public and private sectors in a particular state.This model is used in countries like Norway,Denmark, Netherlands, France and Germany. this image explains the key element of PPPs.

Eurostat, the statistics office of the EU, has issued a statement indicating the nature and degree of risk that must be transferred from the public sector to the private sector in order to keep a PPP project off a governments balance sheet under the Stability and Growth Pact. These graphics depict these conditions


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