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Metaphor Business Graphics is a new digital communications and design company with a track record in creativity, ideas, metaphors and interpretion of anything to do with business. We have an extensive gallery of business animations, concepts and images.

We also use the name Bizillustrated when branding our animations.

Bizillustrated can now provide you with the first ever suite of 5 animation CD ROMs, ideal for corporate PowerPoint presentations and websites, offering animations on a variety of global business topics. Bizillustrated's animations provide you with original, visually engaging and relevant content for your team talks, client and staff presentations, and training courses on a range of business issues affecting all companies and corporations.

The topics covered by the suite of DVDs include: Managing a Business,Marketing in Business, Competing for Business, In the Boardroom and Managing Staff.

Each DVD with 10 short animations gives you the opportunity to build relevant and humorous animated content into your corporate and client presentations. Typicall, presentations in PointPower contain static images. Now you can make a greater impact by including never seen before short animations (run time of between 20 and 40 seconds). Each animation is a metaphor for an important message that you may wish to make on issues relating to the management of your business, your management and leadership issues, your employees, competitive issues affecting your business or funding issues affecting new ventures. Each animation is accompanied by a simple User Interface which enables you to have full control of the animation during your presentation. You can Pause, Play and Re-Start your animation. If you have any questions on these DVDs please contact us here .

If you would like to see a sample of our Animations, click on "animations" in "Whats New"

If you would like to see our large range of animations distributed through please click here

We are dedicated to providing innovatively and intuitively designed business concepts, images, graphics, animations, cartoons and illustrations to companies and businesses throughout the world seeking to get a message across. See our extensive photo gallery on a wide range of business topics. Our illustrations and animations help simplify a range of complex business issues.

Our concepts and animations are suitable for use in :

• Corporate presentations
• Corporate training programmes
• Corporate intranets
• Advertising
• PR
• Marketing material
• Printed material
• Corporate websites
• Journals
• Newspapers
• Employee Manuals

We deliver our images to you in the format that best suits your requirements.

If you would like to receive a free Download Demo version of our test graphic ( this is a low resolution version at 72 DPI) please Register here. Other free download demo graphics within our photo gallery are available by clicking on the "Order Form" at the bottom of each page displaying one of our graphics.

If you would like to act as an Affiliate for Metaphor Business Graphics to promote our images through the internet, please click here.

If you like our illustrations or animations and would like to adapt them to your particular requirements then click here and tell us of your requirements.



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