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Metaphor Business Graphics Affiliate Programme

Add a Metaphor Business Graphics Affiliate link to your website and earn commissions for purchases that result from your visitors purchasing our graphics.

Join the Metaphor Business Graphics Affiliate Program and start earning commissions of 20% for every sale of a graphic through your website! It is absolutely free to join and you benefit from sales made within 6 months of your visitor using the Metaphor Business Graphics link. Register now and benefit from the success of Metaphor Business Graphics.

How does it work?
The Metaphor Business Graphics Affiliate program is managed by ELEMENT 5 - a professional provider of payment portals.
Registered affiliates are able to place the Metaphor Business Graphics banner on their websites and reap the rewards from the commissions which will be calculated automatically with each purchase of Metaphor Business Graphics graphics made through it. Commissions are added to each Affiliate's account. Affiliates are able to monitor their accounts on-line and commission payments are made on a monthly basis.

How can I become an Affiliate?
It is easy. Just register and wait for activation of your account (done within 2 business days). You will then receive an activation e-mail in which you will receive your affiliate ID and password with which you will be able to manage your account. You can begin promoting Metaphor Business Graphics and start earning commissions as soon as you have been activated and the Metaphor Business Graphics link has been placed on your website.

How can I get started?
After registering to become an Affiliate, select from the following two options for posting the Metaphor Business Graphics Affiliate link on your website. Either way, you will receive credit for sales generated through it:
  • Use a direct link to our web site (recommended)
    Visitors to your website will be able to click on the Metaphor Business Graphics Affiliate link and will link to An Internet cookie will be placed on their computer. This cookie stores your affiliate information and will be valid for six months. Whether your visitors purchase a graphic from Metaphor Business Graphics at the time of their initial visit to, or return to within 6 months to make a purchase, as long as the cookie is still on their computer you will earn a commission on the sale.

    To use this option, replace "xxxxx" with your affiliate ID (displayed in the Element 5 Control Panel when you are registered) in the link below, then copy the link and use it with the Metaphor Business Graphics Affiliate banner on your website:

  • Create your product/order link in the Element 5 Control panel
    Generate a link to the selected Metaphor Business Graphics family of products and order pages and adapt them to the "look & feel" of your own website using the Element 5 Control Panel. After placing the link on your website, you will get commissions only for the immediate purchases made through it (no cookie is used).

We will supply banners to promote Metaphor Business Graphics on your site, once you have successfully registered.

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for further information