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Metaphor Business Graphics Affiliate Programme


Does it cost anything to be a Metaphor Business Graphics Affiliate?
There is no cost to becoming an Metaphor Business Graphics Affiliate.

What should I do if I forget my Affiliate ID or password?
Please contact Element5 at .

How much are the commissions?
Commissions are 20% of the total sales price (including VAT) of the graphic of Metaphor Business Graphics.

How are commissions paid?
Two methods of payment are available: check and wire transfer. You will be prompted to indicate your preferred method during the registration process. The minimum payment amount is 100 USD/EUR. Payments are made on the 15th of each month whenever the minimum amount is reached. Amounts on your account which are less than the minimum required for payment during any month are carried over to the next month. All payments of commissions are made by element5 on behalf of Grisoft.

Who can become an affiliate?
Anyone who has a website except those with offensive material, or material that infringes on the rights of others, etc. Each application will be reviewed.

Where can I find my affiliate account details (orders, commissions)?
Please go to the Control Panel using your Affiliate ID and password obtained in the activation email you received from element 5.

What is the Control Panel?
The Control Panel is your tool for managing your Metaphor Business Graphics Affiliate information: you can edit your data, view your sales data, generate links, adapt your order/product page design and export sales data. See details here .

Whom should I contact with any additional questions?
For questions regarding Metaphor Business Graphics, please contact Contact with questions regarding your affiliate account, such as payments, your password, etc.


What are the terms of the Affiliate Agreement with Metaphor Business Graphics?
The terms of the Affiliate Program / Premium Affiliate Management General Terms and Conditions, last updated: April 29, 2004 can be accessed here .